I’m bowled over by the magical power of plants.

photo by Jennifer Elsner

In Marfa TX, March 2016. Photo by Jennifer Elsner

And their ability to brighten a day, enhance flavor, and align energy. Every time they work, I’m surprised and delighted to my core. To the point at which I should not even think twice about it. But I do.

You see, I’ve always talked to plants. I remember their murmured voices from my childhood. The trees and plants were calm and calming. And I would have to become really quiet in order to hear their whispered tones.

Needless to say, I spent much of my childhood in the woods in rural Maryland. The woods were my safe haven.

It wasn’t until my junior year of high school while reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s collected essays that I realized that I was not alone in this occupation of speaking to flora. Emerson also possessed this skill. And I delighted in this knowledge of a kindred spirit having existed.

Almost a decade ago, during the journey through my dark night of the soul, I took a year-long shamanic herbalism course on Whidbey Island. During that year, I was reminded of growing up in the woods after decades of living in urban environments. I always spotted evidence of where the deer slept at night. I communed with Douglas Fir, Cedar, Nettles, Wild Roses, and Calendula and learned to infuse all the things.

The plant that stole my heart did so as I was collecting it at sunset in the Nevada desert. And then it woo-ed me into buying 40 acres of desert land of my very own. Artemsia Tridentata is the inspiration behind everything at Botany of the Soul. It’s our spirit animal. And can be found in the Breath of Fresh Air spray and the Psychic Friend 6th chakra salve.

Botany of the Soul specializes in salves to align the major chakras and energy clearing goods.

We have a relationship with the whole plant, not just a piece or an extract. It’s the plants that say how they can best be used as well as what pieces of the plant want to be picked in the case of wild harvesting. The whole plant is infused in organic olive oil or alcohol with love and light. It sits for six weeks, working it’s alchemy. Then strained and concocted into our magical goods. Every batch of salve and spray is small and made by my hands.

It is my sincere hope that these products bring you inner peace and positive energetic shifts so you are able to accomplish your work in the world.

Thank you so much for joining in this journey.

xoxo, Suzanne