Crown Your Divinity


Crown Chakra Salve

Come into alignment with your divinity.
I am that I am.

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The Crown or 7th Chakra is our connection to the etheric realm and the astral plane. The place of the Divine, the creator, God, and the goddess. Through many energy healing modalities, light energy is channeled through the crown chakra and down through the energetic system to the hands where this light energy is passed on to a client.

Sweetgrass is the active botanical due to its ability to bring in high frequency energy and its ability to raise your energetic vibration. When using this salve it is normal to feel a tingling in the top of the head. And if you are wondering what a fully opened an aligned crown chakra looks like, look to medieval religious iconography and the halos on Jesus, Mary, and the apostles. They are examples of a fully realized Crown Chakra.

Aligned: Connected to the divine/Universe/creator, clarity, bright outlook
Unaligned: Feeling disconnected, depressed, headaches

Ingredients: organic sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata), organic olive oil, beeswax

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