Heart Chakra Prayer Card


Stay heart-centered throughout the day with this prayer card devoted to love.

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This card came forth through two disparate sources of inspiration. The first, the passing of my grandmother in January 2015. Her Catholic memorial service was the first time I had experienced the faith of my youth in decades. And a dream I had shortly thereafter of Mary stuffing a wound which ran from my lower belly (2nd/sacral chakra) to heart (4th/heart chakra) with palm-sized roses. She just kept stuffing this energetic wound with these giant gorgeous roses. The smell over-powering.

I was raised Catholic and spent eight years in parochial school so the ritual of Mass was ever-present. Creating sacred space is inherent in my being due to those experiences. In about 5th grade, I realized I did not believe in Jesus. And knew better than to voice it as my religion teacher had made it very clear that one goes to hell for not believing in Jesus.

Mary was my solace and savior during all those masses.

Needless to say, I have a penchant for plastic covered iconography. And this Heart Chakra Prayer Card is laminated.

There are additional prayer cards highlighting different chakras coming in the near future. I hope you covet them as much as I do.

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