Chakra Salve Intuitive Selection


For when you know you need something, but you just can’t identify what that is yourself.

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Activate this service when you are in doubt of the best salve to start with. Each of us has an achilles heel in the energetic realm. Mine is my 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus. Yours could be the heart chakra.

My personal genius lies in reading your energy and selecting the salve which works best for you right here, right now.

How does it work? I’ll be in touch via email to set a time when we connect via phone or Skype for a brief conversation about the best salve to strengthen your weak spot. Provide my recommendation. And then pop it in the mail to you.

You receive a 10-15 minute consultation, a chakra salve, and shipping.

Put my particular genius to work for you.