Joie de Vivre


Sacral Chakra Salve

Nourish the essence of your creativity and passion with the gentle healing power of Calendula.

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The Sacral or Second Chakra is located in our lower belly. The place of creativity + passion + joy. It is our connection to all the juicy things in life including but not limited to fertility, sex, and money. I like to refer to this chakra as the place of joie de vivre — the joys of life. Because at it’s essence, it’s the things that bring us pleasure, knowing what those things are, and doing those things that bring us pleasure or joy that are this chakra’s genius and alignment.

The vibrant nature and gentleness of Calendula make it the perfect match for the joyfulness accessible through the Sacral Chakra. It is best characterized as creatively expressing yourself and being well paid for aligning with your creative genius.

Aligned: in the creative flow, prosperous, passionate or joyful about life, healthy sex life
Unaligned: creative blocks, greed, infertility, sexual dysfunction, intestinal distress

Ingredients: organic Calendula (Calendula officinalis), organic olive oil, beeswax, all-encompassing light

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