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Third Eye Chakra Salve

Dial your own psychic friend and tap more deeply into your intuitive knowing.

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The Third Eye or 6th Chakra in the center of our forehead helps us access our intuition, that information we receive whose source is unknown but always feels right. Sometimes referred to as a ‘gut feeling’.

Intuition or psychic ability is called the Sixth Sense for a reason. Each of us is capable of tapping into this way of receiving information. Just like we take in information through our eyes, ears, skin, mouth. We also take in information on the energetic plane. Some of us see, hear, and feel things that are not visible to the naked eye but exist none-the-less.

This salve heightens your innate intuitive ability using the energetics of high desert sage.

Aligned: Intuitive information freely flows and your brain does not second guess its validity
Unaligned: Self-doubt, confusion, unclear thinking, brain fog, headaches

Ingredients: wild-crafted high desert sage (artemisia tridentata), organic olive oil, beeswax

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