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Throat Chakra Salve

Express your truths to your self and the world.

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The Throat or 5th Chakra is all about speaking and hearing our personal truth in the world. There are lots of idioms¬†that convey a blocked Throat Chakra including ‘frog in your throat’ and ‘cat got your tongue?’

For me, the first few months of hosting my radio show, the day before or the day of airing, my throat would start to act up — either a scratchy throat or a post-nasal drip. I started making a habit of lots of self-care around this time, especially watching what I ate and gargling with salt water.

Because of the pattern unfolding, it wasn’t so much a health issue as it was the physical manifestation of an underlying energetic imbalance. My radio show is all about speaking and hearing truth to optimally interact with guests and callers. It was no wonder it was acting up.

Aligned: clear auditory expression, ability to express your needs
Unaligned: sore throat, ear aches, neck pain, thyroid issues, unable to find the words to express yourself or unable to stop talking

Ingredients: wild-crafted and/or organic mullein (Verbascum thapsus), organic olive oil, beeswax

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  1. Mimi Meggyesy

    I absolutely love Sing Your Song salve! I have been using this comforting salve for several months now. It has become my assistant in opening and expanding my true voice. I use it whenever I feel the slightest quiver in my throat. It’s infused energy brings me a sense of peace and assists in balancing my 5th Chakra perfectly.

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